Lazleitt is an American Progressive Rock outfit by Washington, DC-based songwriter, composer, & multi-instrumentalist Alex Lazcano (on Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Piano & Vocals)┬áin collaboration with other musicians such as Eric Gillette (The Neal Morse Band) on drums & lead guitar, Liz Tapia (Dark Beauty) on vocals, David Knowles (The Swan Chorus) on additional keyboards, Carlos Hernandez (Tree of Life Project) on lead guitar. “Perpetually Under Idle Grounds” (July 26, 2019) is the follow up to Lazleitt’s debut album “On The Brink” (August 31, 2018).

Audio CD available on Lazleitt’s Facebook Page shop, CD Baby, and other retailers.

Digital downloads available on iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer, Amazon, and all the usual places.